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    Saturday, January 22, 2011

    Purging the Hoard

    Alright, I admit it, I've pretty much sucked at blogging for the last, oh, couple of years.

    I've gotten hooked by the Twitter/Facebook microblogging stuff that all the cool kids are doing nowadays.  I don't go to too many medieval or SCA events lately, either, being so broke from this lame economy. So I decided to start selling my stuff. But with stories. And I didn't want to clutter up this blog (which desperately needs a clean-up) with more unrelated-to-anachronisms type content.

    So without further adieu, I present Purging the Hoard, where you can learn about (and even buy) the weird stuff I've kept, hoarded or been gifted that have outlived their usefulness to me.

    It's of course a little spare in there right now, but I'm hoping you'll subscribe so that you don't miss any stories of my stuff! And please pass along any posts/items to others who might enjoy reading about them. Thank you all for your continued patronage!

    Tuesday, January 04, 2011

    Starz is going Medieval too, with Camelot this spring!

    I loved Starz' treatment of Gladiators in Spartacus - I hope they do even half as well with the Arthurian story! With this and the Sims Medieval, it looks like this spring will have LOTS of medieval goodness to talk about.


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